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List of recordings of Sergey Kuryokhin

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The ways to Sergey Kuryokhin


List of recordings of Sergey Kuryokhin

As a leader

  Buster's Bedroom (soundtrack): CD inside the book of "Buster's Bedroom" by Rebecca Horn reissued in "Rich's Opera" (Solyd SLR 0277, CD)

Child Album (song album) / Sergey Kuryokhin (Pop-Mekhanika PMC 98002) CD

Dear John Cage / Sergey Kuryokhin & Keshavan Maslak (Long Arms CDLA-96010) CD

Divine Madness / Sergey Kuryokhin (Leo CDLR 813-816) 4CD box

Don Carlos (jazz opera) / Sergey Kuryokhin (Solyd SLR 0275) CD

Dovecote / Sergey Kuryokhin (Solyd SLR 0279) CD, piano solo

France / Sergey Kuryokhin Pop-Mekhanika (Solyd SLR 0273) CD
 same content as "Sergey Kuryokhin Pop-Mekhanika Live in France"

Friends Afar / Sergey Kuryokhin & Keshavan Maslak (Sound Wave SW-01) CD

Insect Culture / Popular Mechanics (Ark DOVE 5) LP
reissued by Solyd (SLR 0108, CD) incl. 1 bonus track

Introduction in Pop Mechanics (Leo LR 146) LP
reissued in the box "Divine Madness"

Italy / Sergey Kuryokhin Pop-Mekhanika (Solyd SLR 0269 / 0270) 2CD

I Wish I was a Bird / Kenny Millions & Sergey Kuryokhin (Hum Ha Records #49) CD

Jam Session in Leningrad / Hans Kumpf, Anatoli Vapirov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Alexander Alexandrov (AKM 004) and (Fusion 8003) LP

Just Opera / Sergey Kuryokhin (Long Arms CDLA-97030) CD

Mad Nightingales in the Russian Forest / Sergey Kuryokhin & Boris Grebenshchikov (Leo LR167) LP
reissued by Solyd CD

Mister Designer (soundtrack) / Sergey Kuryokhin (Pop-Mekhanika PMC 98003) CD+CD-ROM

Polynesia, Introduction to the History / Sergey Kuryokhin (Melodiya C60 28241 009) LP, (Victor VDJ-1209, Japan) CD
reissued by Solyd (SLR 0267) CD

Popular Zoological Elements / Sergey Kuryokhin (Leo LR 148) LP
reissued in the box "Divine Madness" (Leo)

Popular Science / Sergey Kuryokhin & Henry Kaiser (Ryko) CD

Rich's Opera / Sergey Kuryokhin (Kurizza R60 00695-6) LP, (Fuzz CAR 023) CD
reissued by Solyd (SLR 0277) CD incl. "Buster's Bedroom" & "Free Culture. Sounds of Northern Capital"

Sergey Kuryokhin Pop-Mekhanika Live in France (Kurizza KRCD 0004) LP LP
reissued by Solyd (SLY 0273) CD

Some Combinations of Fingers and Passion / Sergey Kuryokhin (Leo CDLR 179) CD

Sparrow Oratorium "Four Seasons" / Sergey Kuryokhin (Sparrow International AS SPI 101-2) CD

Spectre of Communism / Pop-Mekhanika (Solyd SLY 0281) CD

Subway Culture / Sergey Kuryokhin & Boris Grebenshchikov (Leo LR 402 / 403) 2LP
reissued in the box "Divine Madness" (Leo)

Tragedy in Rock Style (soundtrack) / Sergey Kuryokhin (Soyuz SZCD 0670-97) CD

Two Captains 2 (soundtrack) / Sergey Kuryokhin (Pop-Mekhanika PMC 98001) CD

2 for Tea / Sergey Kuryokhin & David Moss (Long Arms CDLA-980101) CD

The Ways of Freedom / Sergey Kuryokhin (Leo LR 107) LP
reissued (Leo; Golden Years GY 14) CD, incl.2 bonus tracks

As a sideman

  Exercises / Vladimir Chekasin (Leo LR 115) LP

Nomen Nescio / Vladimir Chekasin (Melodiya C60 26197 006) LP

Triangle / Boris Grebenshichikov Aquarium (Moroz 008B) CD

Tabu / Boris Grebenshchikov Aquarium
(AM 009) CD

Electroshock / Boris Grebenshchikov Aquarium (AM B025) CD

Acoustic / Boris Grebenshchikov Aquarium (AM 063B) CD

Radio Africa / Group Aquarium (Melodiya C90 26701 007) LP

Ensemble Aquarium (Melodiya C60 25219 005) LP

Fortune Teller / Valentina Ponomareva (Leo LR 136) LP

Valentina Ponomareva Live in Japan (Leo CDLR 175) CD

De Profundis / Anatoli Vapirov (Leo LR 152) LP

Invocations / Anatoli Vapirov (Leo LR 121) LP

Lines of Destiny / Anatoli Vapirov (Melodiya C60 25565 003) LP

Forgotten Ritual / Anatoli Vapirov (Solyd SLR 0309 / 10) 2CD

Music Makes The Snow Melt Down / Sounding of the Planet and soviet Musicians (Soundings of the Planet SO 7136-CD) CD


  Document: New Music from Russia, The 80's / v.a. (Leo CDLR 801 / 808) 8CD

Festival MIMI 89 / v.a. (AMI 2003) LP

Free Culture - Sounds of Northern Capital / v.a. (Moroz MR 950345) CD: reissued in "Rich's Opera" (Solyd CD)

Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz / v.a. (Leo: Golden Years GY 401 / 404) 4CD

Orion Cup / v.a. (Long Arms CDLA 98020) CD

Russian Style : Il Jazz in Russia / v.a. (Musica Jazz - Leo LRS CD 002) CD same music as the tracks in the "Document" (Leo)


  The Last Concert : The Not For The Squeamish Tour / Sergey Kuryokhin & Keshavan Maslak (Hollywood) 1996, VHS

  Special thanks to Nikolai Dmitriev and Masami Suzuki  
The ways to Sergey Kuryokhin


List of recordings of Sergey Kuryokhin